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My father Mahir Canova (1915 - 1993)

Mahir Canova

He was one of the first generation theater actors trained by the Ankara State Conservatory theater department.

Mahir Canova was born on 30 December 1914 in Kavala, Greece. Her mother is Hasbiye Hanım and her father is Ahmet Fehmi Canova. After studying primary and secondary school in Izmit, he studied at Gazi Balıkesir Necatibey Teacher Training School and graduated as a teacher in 1935.

Mahir Canova started to work as a teacher in Eskişehir İnkılap Primary School in 1935. He continued his studies in Indology and German Philology in the years when Ankara Faculty of Language, History and Geography was opened. He passed the boarding exam of the theater department of the Ankara State Conservatory in 1936-37 and started his career as one of the first graduates in 1941 with Salih Canar, Muazzez Lutas (Kurtoğlu), Ertuğrul İlgin, Nermin Sarova and Nüzhet Şenbay.

While he was still a student in 1939, Prof. He appeared on the stage in the play "Ridiculous Gentlemen" directed by Carl Ebert.

After graduating from Ankara State Conservatory Theater Department, Prof. In addition to Carl Ebert, he started working as an assistant director and as a conservatory mimic and stage teacher. When I was a student in the second grade of the Conservatory, Prof. With the help of Carl Ebert, he was sent to Germany and France to increase manners and knowledge.

Mahir Canova served as head of department in the theater department of Ankara State Conservatory, and as director and chief editor at state theaters. In 1950, he also became the art director of Ankara Radio. In 1947, he directed Ahmet Kutsi Tecer's play “Köşebaşı” at the opening of the Little Theater and again Ahmet Kutsi Tecer's play “Köroğlu” at the opening of the Grand Theater. In 1972, he completed his 100th stage while working at the Bursa State Theater.

In 1963, he directed Necati Cumalı's play Nalınlar on the stage of Kenterler.

Mahir Canova held the Head of Theater Department of Ankara State Conservatory until the 1970s and taught most of the artists of the State Theaters. Among the students of Canova, who are called "Hodja", "director of directors", "master director", from Yıldız Kenter to Bozkurt Kuruç, from Yıldırım Önal to Raik Al-Maçık, from Kerim Afşar to Ergin Orbey, Yücel We can count the master actors and directors of yesterday and today, from Erten to Tamer Levent.

Mahir Canova directed various plays at the Hasanoğlan Village Institute in 1949, at the Izmir City Theater in 1959, at the Izmir Intermediate Theater in 1956, the Izmir State Theater, the City Players, and the Arena Theater.

He took part in the Central Executive Board of the Community Centers, opened theater courses, participated in the establishment of the city theater of Isparta municipality, planned and started the courses by making auditions.

He retired in 1978 after directing Güngör Dilmen's play Midas' Kördüğümü on the stage.

He was elected to the Advisory Council established in 1981 and served as the only artist member in the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

Canova, who received many awards throughout her life, on December 26, 1985, together with Muazzez Kurtoğlu and Nermin Sarova, completing the fiftieth year of their theater and artistic life, received an award at the night organized in their honor.

In 1991, the first graduates of the state conservatory were honored by the ministry of culture with the 50th year of honor award.

Mahir Canova died in Istanbul on February 16, 1993 at the age of 79.

State Theaters named a stage in Ankara as the Mahir Canova stage to keep its memory alive.

Some of the plays he directed:
1946-47 - Yagmurcu

1946-47 - The Comedy of Errors

1947-48 - Köşebaşı

1947-48 - Among Women

1947-48 - Candlestick
1948-49 - Our City
1948-49 - Paydos
1949-50 - The Small City
1949-50 - Liar
1949-50 - Scapen's Cabinets
1949-50 - Through the Eyes of the World
1949-50 - Merchant
1950-51 - Jester
1950-51 - Angels and Demons
1952-53 - Inside Out
1952-53 - The Play Outside the Stage
1954-55 - For a Hope
1954-55 - Goddaughter Feast
1955-56 - An American in Harput
1955-56 - The Final Destination
1956-57 - The Queen
1956-57 - Cleopatra's Tomb
1957-58 - Servant of Two Masters
1964-65 - The Seventh Dog
1966-67 - Lord of Istanbul
1966-67 - Ecinliler
1966-67 - Our City
1967-68 - Candida
1967-68 - Amédee
1968-69 - Mechul Soldier and Wife
1969-70 - Reserve man
1969-70 - Finten
1971-72 - Romeo and Juliet
1972-73 - Batak
1978-79 - Midas' Dead End
1983-84 - Joyous Women
1984-85 - Lysistrata
1985-86 - The Joyous Women of Windsor
1985-86 - The Fall
1985-86 - Ayyar Hamza
1987-88 - Horseshoe
1989-90 - Diye Diye

Nur Beyle Jazz Cafe'de 2016

Nur Subaşı (1941 - 2018)

November 2, 2018


We were with Nur Bey for a few nights.

The old conversations kept echoing in the room.

Even if there are those who go in and out and want to interrupt and play a stage, Nur beydi is the main person.

As usual.

I downloaded all the photographs and books from the shelves. During the period we shared the same house, I found it until I reached the order notes that he attached to the textile.

"Hamiş: Rakı is important" ..

About three years ago, I sat in the seat in which he was sitting, I arranged the pictures I made in front of me ...

First we dived into a painting, we wandered through the paints with Nur Bey, then we got out of another painting, then we entered a first painting… it went on like this, until now.

While there were so many lost friends that hurt us, I questioned why, especially Nur Bey, was constantly wandering into our dreams, by the way ...

However, once he kicked me out of his house. Then I had to move out for cursing at my doorman when he rang his bell in the morning… It also burned my mattress. And it wasn't the first time. On his tour in Ankara, he took away my first salary and paid the debt his friends had put on Klüp Feyman… Then, because he tore the rehearsal report and I had to hide it, I took a brush with the foreign director I was assistant to… and so on.

But yet ...

He was Nur Bey.

Dear Nur Bey, whom we keep in our hearts with respect, love and endless tolerance.

What was the side of the same soul that touched each of us individually?

Is it the unpretentious love deep inside?

Is it a vague but loving sentence that tells about it in its entirety, that we catch in those tiny moments in the flow of life?

Is it the wonderful favors that he avoided to reveal, that he had never mentioned, that he had never mentioned, that he did not even see as a good book? Is it worthwhile? Years later, their comeback at unexpected moments? Is it that it looks the way it is - even if it's wearing show masks in between - J clarity?

Anyway… It was not my intention to enumerate them.

I guess it was those deep inside things that affected us all the most.

Beyond all anecdotes, shows and tapes ..

Not everyone ..

Oh, all in one ..

All Mr. Nur.

Then I sat down at the computer to share my feelings with you.

I also wrote this article for this page.

For those who know him, those who share the common past and the same feelings with me.



  My Czech baby to Taksim
Let's take a look at the Kütür Palace

Last time

From the hill

Soul look
Let's take a look at our wasted days
We continue from there

To somewhere
Maybe we will become light and blend into the universe
Or there is a word to legends
We've been around for a while you realize
The conversation is not over yet

Don't go into the tribulations, my dear! There is no scum!

We called you Baghdad carpet, you went and brought a rug! Don't be shy, you're going to blow it on a machine-made rug, animal dude!
Let's see .. Good night ..
here you go


Kemal brother rehearsing at the theater room.

Let's say hello to him too, he will be glad ...
The ladies are there at the entrance, waiting for the tour bus that will arrive shortly. “Goodbye, little lady! Have a lot of applause! "
My children are also stuck in the Park.
“Drink slowly, baby. Do not make me sad!"
Necmi brother is walking towards the passage, with Kenan Bey. Afternoon break ...
Do not forget that we are going to Ankara or not.

To Esat. To my penthouse.

Let's take a look at the stairs, do my roses stop ...
Then let's raise a glass to the memories;

Arab Çetin, Savaş, Nuri brother, Haluk, Zekai, Orhan Tetikcan, Kuraner, Sadri, Sönmez, Numan, Turgut, Alev ... ...
To all of them.
From there we continue our way .. somewhere.
Maybe we will become light and mingle with friends,
No mention of legends ...
You see, we're around for a while anyway.
The conversation is not over yet ...
Don't go into the tribulations, my dear! There is no scum! We called you Baghdad carpet, you went and brought a rug! Don't be shy, you're going to blow it on a machine-made rug, animal dude!
Let's see ... Good night.

xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

Just after the September 12 coup ...
We can enter AKM under the control of soldiers. They are standing on the door, the poor men, you think they are waiting for the assembly. As time passed, we got used to this situation. They were confused as they saw the men in Trojan costumes, who were constantly wandering around and the soprano sisters entering the building with a loud voice, but they got used to it. They are on duty, but the buttons are on, the faces are like a five bagel.
Our brother Ahmet Uğurlu bought the boy's wristwatch to be good to the guards at the door, to put on a new strap. He loves such conversations, his ears ringing. But unfortunately, his lost watch keeps entering through the back door in order not to be seen in the army.
I moved to a penthouse without a toilet, at the beginning of the stairway to the rest of the Park hotel. We go to AKM early and pass an identity check to see what we need. Although the soldiers know who enters and exits, there may be people who do not know.
Ahmet and his then wife, dear Hanife, are sitting right in front of me. More precisely, there are three steep slopes between us, but in that wonderful panorama of Cİhangir, our windows wink at each other from the creek. We play neighbors. Ahmet runs away to me to drink, I go to feed them. The only problem is the carpenter's dog. The shop is at the intersection of my uphill and Ahmet's. The carpenter is setting up the big Sivas Kangal in front of the shop in the evenings, as a watchman. Though chained animal, but if possible, late. It barks so much that we inevitably run back to the houses without seeing each other.
The famous communal penthouse in Şişli was finally emptied by the last owner, Nur Bey. The precious ingredients in the house - snakeskin loafers, beret, black trench coat, booty books and bag - were squeezed under the armpits and the search for a new house began. And temporarily settled in me.
The place we call home consists of two small rooms, but the view is amazing. From Sarayburnu to Kadıköy, to lebideria .. Steamship whistles and seagull laughter have become a part of our lives. A pleasant atmosphere in that chosen misery ..
As the salaries came to Evren goodness, a bucket-type wood stove, a bosh brand, always empty, the biggest one was a fridge and 31 screens, a black and white tube TV. It doesn't show very well because it has antennae, but at least it has air.
Nur Bey is lying on the mattress, right next to the stove. He makes me a shopping list during the day .. When I return to rehearsal or Park cafeteria, I buy two eggs, a tomato, half eggplant, pepper or something from the grocery store, an ashtray big is made in a pan. And of course, two big rakı with it .. to debt of course… You may not have tomato or bread or something, but raki is indispensable. For this reason, he writes rakı on the list with the note "MÜHİM".
One night, as I dipped our bread on two bite-sized pieces of bread and sipped our raki, I say:
"Yahu Nur Bey, what are we going to do with this carpenter's dog?"
"What's the matter, kid?"
“He'll attack us in the middle of the night. Neither can I go to Ahmet's, nor can they come to me. "
He says, "We'll handle it, don't worry ...", and the topic somehow closes.
Two days later, how it was that night, I wake up thirsty in the morning, I wonder if Nur has come, I get up and look at the mattress, but it is empty. He has no other place to stay then. I get curious and wait ...
The door opens and appears at daybreak, Mr. Nur, his face is white .. his beret has slipped to the side, his top is in dry mud ..
"No, Mr. Nur?"
Is silent ..
"Did you have a fight?" I insist.
"What a fight!" she yells, "I was battered by the carpenter's dog!"
On his way home in the middle of the night, he suddenly thought of the dog chat two nights ago, he went to the shop and found the animal.
When he shouted "Come here, treacherous boy", the animal came face to face and stopped in front of him.
When he tried to slap him saying "What right do you frighten my children with, disrespectful dog", he grabbed his wrist.
"I couldn't calculate the length of the chain, baby." He continued, "My intention was to teach remotely, but when I came to my side, I couldn't keep shit on bravery."
Then he went to Şişli Etfal, the method of that time, to get a rabies vaccine from the navel.
He was vaccinated for 21 days. He rested on the mattress for 21 days. "The Little Prince" on his left side, "Refusal Kit" and "Asterix" on his right, distracted himself by changing subjects as he got bored.
Because of my chronic restless soul syndrome, when I tried to explain, he would put his hand to his lips and make a hush sign and then show the text "rules that must be followed by those who have rabies vaccine" under his pillow;
“Don't upset me, my child. Look, what's written here? Those who have the rabies vaccine should not be upset! "
Later that house was abandoned too and everyone took a pinch of moment under their seat and left most of them in their own places due to lack of space and scattered to various corners. My play “Infrared Light” is completely a remnant of those years.
Then the picture became increasingly blurred.
Nevertheless, they shine and wave from somewhere in their current state .. dear Nihat, Levent, Metin, Ahmet, Özel, Cihangir, Sema, Tülin, Nejat Boren, Clarinet master, deceased Ahmet, Haşim, Acar brother, Nihat Akçan our brother, my neighbor. Tunga, Isfendiyar brother, Hacı Bey, Yusuf Bey, Baki .. for example right now .. while writing these ..
And of course always Nur Bey ..

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