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Oyunlar 3



"Polonius says of Hamlet: 'There is a method to his madness.' 'There is a method in this man's madness.'

From time to time, I think that there is no method in the madness that some young people do in my writing or in the film. But there is a method in Civan's madness. "

Sevgi Sanlı, 1997 Cumhuriyet Newspaper


1995 - 1996 Avni Dilligil, best playwright award 1995

1996 İsmet Küntay, best playwright award




I have never known them ..
I only saw his pictures in the newspapers .. Photographs of his lifeless bodies

It hit me like a whip,
suddenly, one morning.

I want to present this game in memory of those two lovers.
To those two young people.
Ignoring that I am also a member of this neighborhood.

if they accept it, of course.




Niobe - They are constantly expanding. How beautiful. However, when I was a kid, space was fixed. We grew up in a four-walled universe. For this reason, we cannot bear everything. Fermion's grandmother turns into a diamond. We were looking at life from a cell with exactly six bars, with our captive brains. So said dear Stan.


Navigating the Doomsday Waters


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