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When My Dreams Are Coloring

Tuval ve Ötesi

I acted in plays; major and minor roles

As much as I can, of course

No doubt there were parts that I couldn't play

Maybe I was chosen but I didn't like the role      

Or I liked it but they didn't like my way

Then I knited plays for myself, in my own style

First I wrapped my pains and cuts

When I realize they're healing

I continued writing and hoping

Somewhere, some day, 

Some will open the curtain and show my play

To improve other cuts and pains

İn their own way

No doubt  there were things that I couldn't write

Time wasn't enough or I didn't dare 

Then I bought  all colors of paints

For healing my other cuts and pains

And swept the crumbs that poured into my mind, 

As I consume my lifetime

What I've been through, what I haven't been through

What I can't live and what can't write

And the detailes of the world which touches my heart 

I painted them all without getting tired

Swept them to my canvas in a piecefull hush                    

As much as the talent of my hand and brush

Let those who can see feel                                                

Let those  who can't see linger

Let a few words left over from me 

And a little bit of color


Recital of Quartz Crystals in the Sky Dome

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Ankara Resmi
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