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Civan Canova Kedilerim
Resim ve Kedi

Although I love it very much, I am not such an inveterate cat lover.

It all started two years ago, when a mother cat, whom we befriended after watching me from afar for a month, finally settled in the house and nestled in the computer cabinet drawer.

I had four kittens and one mother cat in an instant.

I said child, I embraced them all.

After a while, the mother cat made sure that her kittens were in safe hands and left the house. Even though the babies were weaned from the breast, they wanted to breastfeed and unwittingly hurt their mothers. But that wasn't the only reason he left. The main reason was the sterilization operation we had postpartum. Well, we never asked for his opinion.

Now, we meet and greet every once in a while as we climb the slope. Two apartments away, a cat lover built a cat house where all the cats in the neighborhood could shelter. He lives there. My sister also takes it to the vet and sterilizes it. Apartment staff also give their food because they love it. All the street cats are very happy and go on their lives.

One of my four offspring did not develop due to a genetic disease and unfortunately died about six months ago.

Since my front garden was my front garden, I had all three kittens fitted with chips, recognized the chip, built a cat door that automatically opened and closed, and gave the feeding duty to the apartment clerk and made my way to Gümüşlük about three months ago. Since my sister and our windows were facing each other, she was keeping an eye on it too. I was comfortable.

Before I left, there was a yellow cat that was constantly watching me from afar. When I saw it, I was approaching softly and giving him food. He was eating after I walked away. Unless she's pregnant too ... You, mischievous, smash the cat door with her head one night, get in, give birth on the seat.

"Your eyes are enlightened." One morning the apartment clerk phoned, "You have four more sons."

Fortunately, my sister adopted two of the four kittens. The other two are left to me.

One of the first to be born, the most approachable mullet, who did not get off my lap, was jealous of the new guests and he left the house.

So; Returning from Gümüşlük, I had four cats, two old kittens and two new kittens, with whom I shared the house.

The tabby that leaves the house comes to be fed occasionally. He takes a reproachful look, barely endearing himself, and after being kicked out by the new ones, he walks away without even looking back. I feel very sorry for him, but there is nothing to do. This situation will be experienced as long as the new puppies are at home.

As a result, I have an army of cats, four of them at home, one outside, and three of pseudo-puppeteers who come and go from food.

Oddly enough, all my sons are men.

The puppies have not yet been neutered because the time has not come. Every once in a while they take care of others and annoy me. I am guarding the newspaper and morality in my hand.

"Come on! He's your brother!"

Let me tell you something, this cat feels reasonable, they tell each other about whom to approach. There was a stray cat I knew while sitting in Göksu. He didn't like staying home all the time. Every once in a while, he would come to visit me, feed his stomach, watch the "Animal Planet" channel I opened for him for a while, say goodbye and leave. I was sitting on the fourth floor and there was a dog barking constantly on the second floor. Because he was afraid of him, he waited at the entrance, at the beginning of the elevator, and took him up with the first comer. When he wanted to go, I would put him on the elevator and send it to the ground floor. My manager Ali Sabuncugil and a female journalist friend who came for the interview witnessed this situation and were astonished. I didn't call that cat. I hadn't even seen it going in and out of the house. I found it one morning, when I opened the street door, waiting on the mat.

It has been three weeks since I came to Istanbul. The main reason I set out during this pandemic process was to prevent the puppies from getting cold in the garden during the winter months and to relieve their longing since the broken cat door was canceled.

I set out by entrusting my neighbor the three cats that came to my door in Gümüşlük and settled on the terrace.

As I said at the beginning, I'm not such an incurable cat lover.

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