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“Evaristo” is a play that tries to tell the present, but has its eyes on the past, the present and even the future. It is a story that lasted for decades ... On the other hand, the observation of the arrival of the world's recent social history from a dark underground shelter ... both very dark and harsh, crazy and funny ... The author frees the audience to position themselves in the face of the play. "

Nihal Koldaş




Shakespeare characters come to life this time in the play Premiere.
The Hamlet performance will be premiered.
At the last moment; It is learned that Hamlet started a fire in his flat and he was a deserter.
While the police search for Hamlet throughout the theater, the other actors try to hide him.
When the characters of Julius Caesar and Sophocles' King Oedipus are also included in the game, they are in complete rage.
The premiere is an entertaining comedy that focuses on the actors' inner world while showcasing the excitement experienced before a performance.

Mitos Boyut Publisher




Civan Canova is a name that has added serious values ​​to the country's theater in the field of acting and writing. While the artist's handles are loved by theater lovers, he has been attracting people on the stage for many years with his unique acting. We are talking about the history of the State Theater of more than 30 years and its ties to the theater. We know that his plays Full Leaves, Curfew, Waters of Doom are still performed in many stages. A play that I don't make much sense of in the very successful summer life is now in the Istanbul State Theaters: Respect and Support Night for Master Harpagon! It is necessary to convey the positive / negative details about this work, which is very common in Civan Canova plays.


Respect and Support Night for Master Harpagon is a work that tells about the events among the former theater artists who gathered to pay their respect and support to their ancient friends. These people, who returned to the theater halls where they gave their years to perform Shakespeare's play 'Hamlet', still reflect on the stage the ambitions, grudges and hopes they carried in them as they were in their youth. While their fights, quarrels, quarrels, quarrels and noises with each other constitute the main conflicts of the game, it is obvious that the imaginary people in the narrative express someone today!


As a critic who read all of Civan Canova plays, I can clearly say; Respect and Support Night for Master Harpagon might be a good project for the writer, but it has the integrity of the subject that does not appeal to the theater audience! Let me tell you why I reached such a judgment ...


Once the dramatic analyzes within the subject have depicted a life motif based entirely on the artist's ego. The dialogues of the characters, their internal showdowns in taking roles are a part of the games that turn backstage. It is also unknown who are the people hidden behind the names? For example, who does the person called Harpagon represent? Or Nefertiti, Suzi, Raci… We definitely see the imaginary drawings of the artists of a period in the following years, but does the flesh and bones of these drawings attract the attention of the theater audience? Absolutely not!


Civan Canova is a name that I love with his writer and actor identity. But this game tells about a special world in which he is also. So it is not a general issue. I think he wrote an excellent work for the theater community. But don't get into wrong thinking by looking at what I said.

If you are curious about the games that revolve in the backstage of this magical world, go watch "The Night of Respect and Support for Master Harpagon".

Yaşam Kaya, 2009



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